"Give a Girl the Right Pair of Shoes and She Can Conquer the  World!"

Sona Lazaryan - a Los Angeles based fashion designer, is famous for her Fluffy Slides. 

Being passionate about creating clothing, she never imagined that one day, she would be starting her career as a fashion designer from making her own shoes and selling them all over the world. 

“I always loved playing with texture and for me it was strange even to think that I can make shoes, until one day, I discovered my passion towards the trendy fur slides, and this is when I created my first Fluffy,” says Sona.  

A little girl fell in love with texture and fashion the minute she immersed herself in the its world (she went to modeling/fashion school while growing up). 

She always tries to keep up with fashion trends, and is always the first one to buy the most extravagant and colorful designer shoes.

While creating her Fluffy collection and spreading it worldwide, she had one thing in mind: always create something that she would wear.

Fluffy collection is fully inspired by Sona’s own sense of style and fashion. “SL Dezign - is me. I wear everything that I create,” says Sona.

In July 2016, SL Dezign was born, though at that time, Fluffy collection included only faux fur slides. As the time went by and the word “Fluffy” actually became a trend, Sona created other fashion pieces, such as: handbags, sneakers, sandals, and clothing, this time including real luxury fox and rabbit fur.