A Museum, Where Your Dreams Come True!

You know you live in L.A. when creative minds come together and create something unique and extravagant. This time they created the Museum of Ice Cream - the dream space for not only ice cream lovers, but for those who always dreamt to dive into a pool full of sprinkles.

Maryellis Bunn’s Museum of Ice Cream is an immersive gallery with 10 candy-colored rooms with installations of ice cream-themed art which have its own samples of ice-cream and sweets along the way. 

Driving through the gritty Downtown L.A. neighborhood,  you see a flash of pink, then a pink wall and then a whole building of the museum covered in pink paint. It looks so magical, as if someone dropped a cotton candy dust over an entire city block! Here it is: Museum of Ice Cream! 

Once you are inside, you are being greeted by the Dove chocolate stand with its wishes inside, a pretty pink wall covered in sweets and accessories and then, you walk into museum through another majestic pink door.

The first installation is a huge pink room covered with pink old pay phones hanging on the both walls. Once you pick up the receiver, you hear the Ice Cream Fairy welcome guests and invite them all to scream for ice cream, while telling the story of the museum and ice cream. 

The next room is California: they serve scoops from different California creameries every week (McConnell’s this week) in front of "ice cream" scrolled out on a mural like the Hollywood sign. 

Right after, you get into the room filled with 10,000 “bananas" with a swing section, for Instagrammers. 

Then you walk into a greenhouse where, a docent tells that mint plants grow in chocolate soil for chocolate mint. He then served a taste of mochi ice cream in the same flavor.

Soon after, you discover yourself in a room of giant melting Plexiglas popsicles by the artist known as Baker's Son.

In the next gallery, you will find giant gummy bears in neon lighting around the room.

An installation by artist Abel Benton features jet-black ice cream cones violently plastered to the wall and atop the fallen head of a Hellenistic statue. The “ice cream” cones that were given out as samples, were not a real ice cream, but a chocolate chip cookie dough. 

And then, there it is…. The swimming pool full of 100 million plastic sprinkles! Here you can spend up to 3 minutes, since the admission is for limited time only. 

The last installation of the museum is a kitchen where ice cream sandwich pancakes arrive in pink skillets. 

After all the installations and the tastings, there is a fun gift shop carrying jars of sprinkles, ice cream scoops, reproductions of some of the museum's art, ice cream earrings and more.

The admission is limited to 20 people per half-hour.

If you didn’t get a chance to actually visit the museum,  don’t feel bad, you didn’t miss anything that was there after reading this article. 


Address: 2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Wednesday-Monday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Tuesday: Closed